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Varna Suraksha VX Model



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Electronic Rodent/Rat Repellent System Specification:

Power Supply 230V AC Mains Outlet and 50 HZ frequency
Coverage Area Master Console covers 300 Sq Ft., additional Transducer covers 300 Sq Ft. in normal floor, 150 Sq Ft. in False Ceiling or Flooring.
Each Extra Tranducers Covers 300 Sq.ft (150 Sq. ft. in false ceilings/underfloor)
Power Output 900 mW
Operating Frequency Above 20 KHz
Sound Output 80 - 110 dB (Not Audible to Humans)
Weight 700 Grams
Size 21 x 7 x 10 cm
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Each Transducer Weight 40 Grams
This model is a stand alone system with two additional transducers. The master console protects 300 Sq Ft, and additional transducer protects another 300 Sq ft connected to the master console. If there is false ceiling and false flooring, additional transducers has to be placed in false ceiling and false flooring respectively. We will provide the connecting wires between standalone system and transducers.
How to Install This Unit -
  1. Plug the Master console into a Indian standard 230 VC wall outlet point.
  2. Place the unit against the area which you have planned to protect. Try to focus towards wall to bounce around the ultrasonic sound thoroughly to the entire room.
  3. Connect the transducers to the master console socket provided behind. And install the transducer to the wall or ceiling for the next 300 sq ft area. If false ceiling or underfloor, fix transducers every 150 Sq Ft.
  4. It is also ideal to mount the units on a wall corner 10 feet off the floor.
  5. The green light (LED) will blink to indicate that the unit is working. Leave the system ON 24 hours a day for continuous protection.
  6. Within 2-3 weeks you can notice the reduction in rodent activity, if not, you will have to install additional units. (Please note: Usually, the type of structure, contents and partitions may limit the area of effectiveness, so please make sure to place the unit carefully.)
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